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Routine physical exams allow us to monitor your pets health. During a physical exam, your pets history will be reviewed and a snout to tail exam will be preformed. At Dewitt Veterinary Medical Center, all office visits with Dr. Bumgardner are scheduled to allow for adequate time that any questions and concerns regarding your pets health will be addressed. Routine physicals are recommended annually and as your animal ages, may be recommended more frequently to monitor aging conditions more closely. 


Vaccinations are an important part of protecting your pet against highly contagious, potentially deadly diseases. At Dewitt Veterinary Medical Center, we will take into consideration your animals life style, age and vaccine history to determine the proper vaccine schedule to help keep your pet healthy. 


No different from humans, dental health plays an important role in maintaining optimal health. An important component of a physical exam is to access your pet's dental health. If dental disease is seen during the exam, often a routine dental cleaning will be recommended. Dental procedures on animals, unlike humans, needs to be done under general anesthesia for the safety of both your animal and the staff. A full dental exam preformed under general anesthesia also allows further investigation of dental health. During a routine cleaning, large pieces of tartar are removed with dental forceps, ultrasonic scaling is then preformed on all teeth (both inside and outer surface), measurements of periodontal depth is measured and all teeth are polished. Any extraction or other required procedures are then preformed. Dr. Bumgardner takes a special interest in dental health and procedures. Quite often, following dental procedures on pets with advanced dental disease, clients report an increased level of energy and interaction with their pet in a positive way.

Dewitt Veterinary Medical Center offers surgical services ranging from routine spay and neuters to more specialized surgeries. We are lucky in our location to have multiple board-certified surgeons in the area. If your pet's surgical requirements are better suited for a board-certified surgeon, we will work with you in the referral process helping your animal to receive the top level of care. 
Here at Dewitt Veterinary Medical Center, we understand the stress of your pet being under the weather. Our in-house laboratory allows us to begin diagnostics on the spot yielding quick results. That combined with our on-site pharmacy often creates one-stop care to efficiently help your pet get on the road to recovery quickly. 



Dewitt Veterinary Medical Center stocks prescription diets from Hills, Purina and Royal Canin with weekly order placing. 


Additional services include, but are not limited to:

Heartworm Testing & Preventative         Microchipping         Nail trim        Deworming  Parasite Screening        Referral Lab Testing        Mat Clipping        Flea & Tick Prevention  Nutritional Assistance        Anal Gland Expression        Vaccination Titer                   

                                          Boarding & Behavioral Training Referrals ...​​

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